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Ladies and Gents,

Thanks to everyone who has written me and supported me during my abscence. I have started new works, and will be finishing out my old projects. For anyone who is worried If I have lost my touch you might be pleasantly suprised! I can't wait to make a full time return to drawing and making new artworks to share with you.

Thank you again for everyone who has liked, and commented on my work. Or checked out and supported anyone who has worked with me on the Collaborations Project.

I hope to see you soon!

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I have opened a deviantart account for my photography. This is what I do when I am not illustrating projects. I find it's great to be able to push boundries and limitations. I love art in all it's forms and pop art, fashion, surrealism will always be high up on my list. If you are interested in following me you can find my photo's on deviant art here. Thank you for your support. You comments and thoughts are always welcome.

Deviant art photo account "Old Fashioned Principle"

500x If you don't know if this site it's a must for photographers!

For those who are interested in my illustration. I have started a new series and am still working dilagently on the Collaborations project. I will do my best to post new art in the future. For the most part I just post my sketches and drawings on facebook under my own account.

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This last year I've put my pencil down and picked up my Camera. I know for some people this is really dissapointing and it doesn't allow me to draw anymore. I am still working on my own independant project "Collaborations" and hope to have an update soon.

Old fashioned Principle is my photography and I would encourage anyone who is a fan of pop culture, fashion, or my art to join and keep and eye on me. I will open a seperate page on DeviantArt at another time and post the photo's there and there alone. As for now I will post a few samples here and get the feedback to move forward.

Will I still continue to draw. Always....just not as much as before...which sucks honestly...


Old Fashioned Principle - Facebook "Old Fashioned Principle"
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I opened a print account on imagekind on the weekend. I know for some of you it's long overdue and you've written and requested I make some of my art available. So finally I can say that it is, and I will continue to add to the galleries. At current there are 10 drawings, and 5 illustrations from the collaboration project. If you don't see something there that you want please let me know and I will do my best to add it. A huge thanks to everyone who has supported my art! All the sales of the prints just support future projects.


Thanks guys!

Aaron - SeeThrou
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Instead of the update I had hoped to write I'm held up with some current projects.

My free time has been all but erased and it's made me consider putting some things on hold for the time being. I am going to postpone the contest for now. I want to be able to do it right and reward the artists that take time to enter. I have some great announcements up coming as well as new works to post.

Thanks again for all your support and patience!
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Starting in June I am going to host a contest for everyone who has asked me if they could use my art or redo an existing work. This will give anyone a chance to take any existing work and represent it through there own style and interpretation. I really didn't know what to do for a contest but have always wanted to give back to my fans and other artists here on Deviant.

Last month I was given a 1 year hosting on EasyHost curtesy of Cgwaves. I did not win it fairly and don't feel comfortable keeping it. I was pretty much the only artist who entered the traditional art category they are trying to grow and promote. For me this is great and I hope they succeed as well as for all you other artists out there. I would encourage you to check them out, enter their contests and support other artists.

So Prize one
1 year hosting on Easyhost
2nd prize to be announced
3rd to be announced.

The goal is to help other artists out. So if you guys have needs or can suggest a prize that would be be great to help promote artists.

start date - june 1st end date july 1st

I will put together a panel of judges outside myself so it's not just me picking a winner.

I'll update this as we draw closer to june.

Rules - you can pick any work - if you do pick a work that has been used as a collab please respect the orgiginal art and do not copy the other artist's. They worked hard to create original works and that needs to be respected and appreciated. Just look through my gallery and find a work that interests you. Most importantly have fun and learn from the experience!

so good luck and best to all of you just note me if you have any questions!
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March 2010

Well I finally put up a new drawing it took me along time to finish it so please check it out and if you like it fave and comment. Your input and support is my motivation to make art and I love hearing from you guys. This drawing is actually very special and I can't wait to announce who it's for.

So I am making to websites one for my photography "Old Fashioned Principle" and one for my illustration.

I am pleased to announce after many requests and years of silence I will finally be opening a print account. It won't be through deviant and it will be linked to my website and facebook (other accounts) So thank you for being patient!

That is really it for now if you want to follow me on facebook just follow the links below...

SeeThrou SeeThrou on Facebook"

Old Fashioned Principle Old Fashioned Principle on Facebook
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My major goal for the new year is to step away from any art I had started in the past and pursue a more diverse and meaning filled series. A lot of my work in the past was just what it was inspired at the time it was made. It didn't serve any deep purpose or challenge people to think much beyond what was visible on the surface. New works will have heavy themes and hidden symbolism and will based on the theme of looking back while moving forward. By that I mean taking influences from the past, history, life in general and what it represents in the present and for future generations.

I will taking time to pay tribute to artist's who have inspired me as well as creating new works based on popular characters or symbols that I've carried with me. I won't mention names at this time except that they are phenomenal artist's and I will take my time to make certain the artworks are a proper tribute. The artist's that will be covered date back to the 1600's to modern artist's that are very much alive and make art today.

I will continue my Collaborations project. It will continue to be by "Invitation Only" It's a great project that takes a lot of time and patience. There are some great artist's lined up and will be announced over the next year when the time is right. I tend to keep tight lips on my personal projects and reveal them on a need to know basis.

Projects - I have a major project that I really want to be able to share this year - if all works out well I think it will be well received. I think most people forget or limit my creative talents. Hopefully this will serve to put that to rest and open doors to future job offers.

Finally I am accepting Commissions (Abbas you are covered and held in the highest priority)

If you are interested in a commission please note me and we will go over the details from there. I have room for 5. If you have something cool and challenging that's awesome. I am just putting up a flat rate on drawings this time. Black and white only no color. 8.5x11 -9x12 minimum $25 for simple drawing and complex $50. Just straight up simple prices. All drawings will be completed within 5 days of the consignment. I accept paypal as it is the most commonly used  form of payment as far as I know. So come up with something amazing and I'll do my best to make it a reality. If you have any questions feel free to ask. I'm easy to approach!

If anyone has any projects and is looking for concept art - let me know…
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Moving into the new year I thought I'd ask you who you would like to see me work with? If you could request a drawing or theme what would you request. My goal is to continue to work with Artist's from all over the world. I still haven't worked with artist's from Russia, China, Japan, Germany, Sweden. (though I'm hoping on the last one it has personal meaning to me) I only do 5 collabs at a time. I won't go past that number or add to it until one is complete no matter how long one takes. They are special to me and I have a tremendous amount of respect to the artist's I work with. They have priorities and jobs that come first. So fire away two categories - who and what? let me know...
it's always been confusing to me to post art and find that it struggles so badly to be scene. I know that I have over 680 watchers but can't get more than 15 faves or 4 comments a drawing no matter how poor and good it is. It is extremely frustrating as an artist to spend hours on a drawing to be beaten on a daily basis by what is considered popular on this site. I could post links to countless samples but there is no need to point out artist's I feel are greatly inferior. I am asking you to support my art or stop watching me. I need your help as an artist and encouragment to draw. Your support means a lot to me and motivates me to post more draw more and interact more with you. If just half of you would take notice of my art you could help me with my goal to have it scene. The faves and comments help it find it's way to more eyes. It isn't worth my time to draw to be destroyed by a 15 minute anime sketch or a picture of someone's kitten, or hamster. So please help support me and my art if you like it. It's my goal to grow as an artist and I need your support.Thanks!

It's been weird being away from art for so long. Drawing is something I love to do and do well, and being on the outside for an extended period of time is frustrating to say the least.

I enjoy art on all levels and split my time between photography, design, and illustration. Unfortunately illustration has been on the back burner for so long now. To long if you ask me! Making a living comes first. Going into the new year I have several different options before me that I can take. One of them will be dedicating more time to art and going in a new direction away from the old. I will start a new series that is more in depth than my previous drawings. It will be based on the past and looking back while looking forward. I want to challenge art and morality and make images that tell stories and ask the viewer questions. I will keep my surrealistic pop approach but will be adding classic elements as well as I have a list of artist who I have been influenced by that I will pay tribute to.

YOu won't be able to guess them as they very different genres and generations. The one thing I can say is that I will be back in the new year and once again looking to work with new artists and trying new things. It's my goal this year to paint more as well as make art that isn't as traditional.

A big thank you to everyone who's followed me and supported me as well to those who worked with me. You took a risk and I really appreciate that. Your amazing artists and I will always be a fan.

Well I guess that means it's time to get back to work. See you in the new year!

Aaron - SeeThrou

Taking some time off...

Journal Entry: Thu Sep 10, 2009, 5:56 PM
Due to a very hectic schedule and work keeping me going in a different direction I will be taking time off from drawing. I will finish out my final two drawings for the year. After that we will have to wait and see what the future holds as far as finding time to post new work.

Crazy as that sounds I really have no way around it. Hopefully you will be patient and look forward to what the future holds. I have big plans, and some crazy new ideas that are like the older works but different.

I guess you will have to wait and see to know what I really mean by that. Thanks again guys, If I do get a chance to post something I will but no promises...


In response to Questions asked...

Journal Entry: Sat Aug 15, 2009, 7:22 PM

I have updated all my accounts on various sites and have been writting back to anyone who has written me. I thought that I would do my best to answer a few quick questions.

I have been getting a lot of requests to color my lineart. I think it's great so many of you are asking, and it's fine with me if you use them. I understand a lot of you want to use them to learn and improve your skills as artists and this is something I support. I would ask that anyone who is interested note me, and let me know your intentions. It is important to note that I have a series titled " Collaborations" and these are seperate. They are by invite only, and I ask you respect the artists I work with. Thank you guys for all the support, and comments.

What am I working on

Right now I am working on commission drawings, ongoing art for Collaborations, concpet art, as well as indivual art for gallery submissions.

Am I available for projects - Yes

Can I be a part of your Collaboration project - At this point it is by invite only and all the artist's except for one are artist's I've followed for along time and are from my roots at gfxartist. I have been working hard to be more active on my old site, and support it. It's a great site, I just wish it would find it's form again.

If you have scene the project and are interested you can always contact me.

I heard you started a fanpage on facebook - why - Like most artist's I have many pages and it's hard to keep up with all of them. I wanted to keep one that I could update daily, and get to know people on a more personal basis.It's also a place for me to post art that is not related to here.

Facebook fanpage...…

Take care guys, and feel free to comment and stay in touch. You guys encourage me to make art!

Facebook Fanpage...

Journal Entry: Wed Aug 12, 2009, 10:46 PM

Hey Guys I started a fan site on Facebook, and would like you to invite you to join. Here you will find a different set of work that you don't see posted here. I will be posting photography, as well as design and print work, along with a weekly sketchbook, and new illustrations. It also gives me a chance to spend some one on one time with friends, and other artists that I don't really get time to get to know. It has always been my number one goal as an artist to network and meet as many artists as possible and now I have the ability to do that.

SeeThrou on Facebook

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Well I guess I have the power to make this better than the norm, but for tonight this will have to do. This is just a thank you to Stuartlohe :iconstuartlohe: for buying me a 1 month Subscription. I will do my best to use it to benefit other artists on this site that are deserving of having their art shown. Thank you, I didn't deserve it. Thanks again to everyone else who has stopped by and faved and commented on my work it means a lot.

For everyone who's been contacting me about working with me, Thanks you guys have some great projects going and it's going to be fun to be a part of some of them. Currently I have no long term projects on the go and if you are in need of an artist with a unique vision, and imagination, I am open to seeing what you have to offer.

Aaron - SeeThrou
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Ok I finally got my computer set up and am running again. Feels good to be able to work, and not be stressed about little things. Ok well first things first updates, I have 4 commission slots left to be filled. The same rates still apply.

half page 8.5x11 -$25 This is a good place if you have an idea and need linework for it.
full page 8.5x11 -$50 It Usually takes me along time to do a whole page in my style so it's a good value instead of paying me hourly to draw for you.

1.Abbas full page
2.Ken H 28x32 special order
3.Ken H 28x32 special order
to be filled

Thanks to everyone who responded to my last post I appreciate it and your thoughts and comments. I will do my best to make new art and try to make the best of this community even if it is in a minor role. I really do enjoy working with and meeting new artists as it is the biggest part of why I make art.

Right now you can see my latest collaboration with Navate on her site!
I think she describes the experience the best in her own words.
Thank you again Navate for working with me, and for an amazing painting with your personality all over it.This was a very rewarding experience and one I had fun in the process.

:iconnavate: - Ugly Butterfly
:iconthienbao: - Salvaged
:iconholms: - Dark Alice

If anyone would like to work with me please send me a note. Please know at this time I am not accepting any new collaborations as I am currently working with other artists not listed here. If you would like to use my lineart for practice like others have done, please let me know of your intentions before you use it, or post it anywhere. If my art can help you in anyway I am always open and supportive. I just like to keep my official Collaborations seperate as it is part of an ongoing series I have worked hard on over the last two yeasrs.

Thanks again to eveyone who has be supportive check out the other artists work and comment and fave, and support them. I have taken all your comments into consideration and will try to be more active in the community and comment and fave and support other artists as well.

Not much of an update, should be up and running tomorrow I hope, and with that I will post an update and so on and on...In all honestly if I learned anything when my machine died is that no one cared and that I should just say goodbye to this site for once and for all...frustrated and this hasnt been an easy week...
On what seemed like an ordinary day not so long ago, a plan was hatched and carefully executed to perfection. My computer whom I thought we where pretty tight after years, of watching shows, it occasionally taking some spills. Deep conversations, laughter, tears, and joy. Beneath the darkened surface undetected lay an evil predecessor. It fumed, and spun, and made good for so long that it lost it's identity. In a fit of rage, and denial to it's existence, it choked upon itself one last time to say "!@#$% you, Aaron...and died. Upon it's sudden demise my fingers still warm upon the keyboard...did I stare blankly into the error signs, that vile blue screen...Thus a day later I have learned that the attach was successful, so very successful in fact that In it'c complete and total failure, my hardrive has left me vacant of many a good file, and ability to work. It is at this point that I am pushing forward into the unknown while I await my new chariot (on order) to proceed.

Haha ok, yeah just a little bitter, over the demise of my computer...So with that said, I need to find a way to make some money to restore my office back to a formidable status. I can only draw at this point I have no abitlity to do anything digital.

So there are two options

Half Page Drawing, your character, or mine, or whatever you can concieve, $25

Full page Drawing. $50 these usually take awhile but I have the time to do them right now while I wait inbetween my new system arriving and now.

To make it easier to get files to people who are not here In Cananda, I will make you a Hardcopy, high rez, that you can print at anysize.

If anyone needs something not listed just send me a note, and your idea, and the size of what your are looking for...

1.Abbas - he is first
2.Ken. H x2
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